GrAB focus

GrAB focuses on dynamic growing architecture that can adapt to its environment and to the needs of its users through constant evolution.

Similar to the previous project “Biornametics”, biological developmental systems undergo a transfer process to architecture and art. Methods from biomimetics are employed, performing strategic work with role models from nature. In particular, specific biological growth principles are investigated in detail.

On the basis of concrete requirements and tasks, possibilities are sought to implement architectural solutions supported by growth principles from biology


GrAB targets
Imagine a house that grows through biological and technological processes
- a house that finds its site through self-organisation
- a house that can be used while it is growing
- a house that is able to adapt to the climate
- a house that continues to grow when more space or a stronger structure are needed
- a house that doesn’t produce any waste
- a house that can decompose itself once it has reached the end of its life cycle.


GrAB team
explores this idea through an interdisciplinary team involving the fields of architecture, biology, art, mechatronics, and robotics


GrAB biolab
A biolab serves as an experimentation platform where work is carried out with organisms and technologies on a laboratory scale. The principles identified there are translated into exemplary architectural concepts.


Summary Waltraut Hoheneder

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