Second Session of experiments in the Biolab with microbiologist Tanja Oberwinkler

Friday 09.5.2014 - Saturday 10.5.2014
Vordere Zollamtsstrasse 3, University of Applied Arts, 1010 Vienna, Austria

1) Mycelium

a) Oyster mushrooms

• improving the workflow of mycelium growth: less water, lower growth temperatures
• continue growing the „successful“ old preparations (one ring-cake and one mold)

b) Reishi mushrooms

• investigating perfect growth substrate for reishi sprawns

2) Slime molds

Growth medium was changed from filter paper to gelantine and agar. Experiments regarding growth behaviour are prepared:
• diving through medium
• growing on a slope
• building bridges – growing across gaps

3) Algae (Biomodds)

Continuation in Biolab workshop 3 - end of May 2014

4) Hydrogels

a) natural hydrogels

Different kinds of natural hydrogels (gelantine, agarose, agar-agar and alginic acid) were used to perform basic experiments:
• working with and producing hydrogels
• testing reversibility of hydrogels
• comparing characteristics of hydrogels

b) synthetic hydrogels

Polyacrylic acid from diapers was extracted and the swelling ratio as well as the reversibility (using sodiumchloride) was investigated.

Advantages of synthetic hydrogels: can be tailored to give a wide range of properties due to application (sensitivity to temperature, humidity) and more uniformity than in natural hydrogels


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