Growing As Building

12. October - 7.November 2015

Angewandte Innovation Laboratory

Franz Josefs Kai 3, 1010 Vienna, Austria

Opening 12.October 2015 - 17.00 hrs

Panel discussion 12. Ocotber 2015 - 18.00 hrs

Speakers: Rachel Armstrong, Thomas Speck, Petra Gruber, Angelo Vermeulen, Sanford Kwinter (to be confirmed)


The exhibition explores different pathways of Living Architecture, experimentation with biology, architecture and engineering.

The underlying research work looks at growth patterns and dynamics from nature to apply them to architectural visions of a self-growing house. The exhibition presents ideas, approaches and concepts for grown structures evolved by an interdisciplinary team from the fields of architecture, art, biology, robotics and mechatronics. Work of 2,5 years artistic research will be presented in videos, photography, grown materials and objects and an artistic installation of a metabolic system including algae. Further, this includes the outcome of hands-on experiments in a Biolab with biological role models such as the pathfinding slime mould, mycelium structures and metabolic systems around a novel 3D printer concept. Two cable driven mobile 3D printers evolved through the research questions of the project GrAB and will be shown in the exhibition. Videos of conversations with different experts about agency, emergence and resilience including the immanent values and ethical aspects of this research will be on display to reflect and contextualize the work within our world of change.

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