GrAB presented at Art(ist)s in Space (panel) 

presentation “Shifting Perspectives” by Barbara Imhof

Shifting [Space] Perspectives: … Imhof’s final case study: a biomimetic project: called GrAB–Growing As Building and the recent book poses a question to GrAB and the predecessor project Biornametics: “What is the architect doing in the jungle?” [20] Architects, artists, biologists and physicists work together to find good architectural solutions from abstraction of good design from nature. [21] Finding innovative answers in integrating outside views may propel our capability to deal with our complex world and will shift our perspective. [22] …

Article “Art(ist)s in Space [Panel], by Dr. Sarah Jane Pell

About GrAB: “Werkspionage in der Natur”

Article by Susanne Mauthner-Weber, Kurier, May 2013

Artistic research projects: GrAB - Growing As Building 

Angewandte News: GrAB - Growing As Building

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